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Balsam Lake is the highest point along the Trent-Severn Waterway. On the west side, water flows westward into the Severn system. On the east side, it flows eastward into Cameron Lake. The lake receives water from the Canadian shield in the north and from the lands immediately surrounding the lake, including the Staples River subwatershed.

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balsam lake

Subwatershed Characteristics

  • Subwatershed area: 115 km² or 11489 ha
  • Waterbody area: 48 km² or 4,769 ha
  • Total watercourse length: 88 km
  • Density of watercourses: 0.54 km/km²
  • Average watershed slope: 1.95 %

Natural Cover

  • Forest Interior (100 m): 1,951 ha
  • Forest Interior (200 m): 560 ha
  • Dominant Forest Type: Mixed forest
  • Natural Cover: 52 %

Provincially Significant Wetlands

  • Balsam Lake No.14: 183 ha
  • Balsam Lake No.15: 12 ha
  • Balsam Lake South Bay No.42: 674 ha
  • Balsam Lake Wetland: 13 ha
  • Corben Cr. Wetland: 32 ha
  • Grass Creek (Eldon Twp.): 6 ha
  • Indian Point: 19 ha
  • Pearns Creek: 89 ha
  • Staples Creek: 124 ha

ANSI - Life Science

  • Burnt River Mouth Wetlands: 1.44 ha
  • Indian Point: 805 ha

Our Cottage Services

The living room/kitchen is open concept with lots of windows.

It has its own front patio and fire grill.

It is a short walk to the dock where you can moor your boat.

We are next door to a public boat launch.

There is a fridge and a stove.

One bedroom offers a double bed.

The second bedroom offers a bunk bed with a single and double bed.

Window air conditioner.

3 piece washroom with air conditioning

Kitchen table and two small couches and one chair.

Patio table and chairs outside along with a fire pit.

Parking and boat slip included.



We stayed in the cute and renovated two bedroom in August of 2014. My wife and kids loved the place. So much to do. Jim thanks so much for taking my family and I out for a boat ride. It was not expected and very much appreciated. We had a great week.

Jim and Tanya




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